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After India was dubbed the "Diabetic Capital of the World," our team of dedicated specialists at VGK set out to dispel the label with their dedication and hard work. We believe that the best way to move forward is to raise awareness about the disease. The efficient control of diabetes and management of its accompanying problems is formed by our goal of early diagnosis. Treatment that works and psychological preparation for the patient to deal with it in the long run.


  • Prediabetes care & counseling
  • Early diagnosis & Effective treatment
  • Diabetes Education
  • Customized diet plan
  • Physiotherapy and fitness
  • Diabetes Eyecare
  • Diabetes foot care
  • Gestational Diabetes Management
  • Preventive Cardiology & Nephrology

Why Choose Us

Our devoted doctors have pledged to reduce total diabetic cases in and around the region, based on their extensive experience in offering the finest treatment. We don't stop at diabetic screening, counselling, monitoring, and treatment with periodic follow-up; we also conduct VGK-sponsored awareness campaigns. We have a larger goal of making the country diabetic-free.